Diving into Prooph Session 4
Revisiting Serialization

In this session, we revisit our serialization choices from the first session. Specifically, we look at extending or forking matthiasnoback/naive-serializer to allow for collapsing single-property objects to make for better structured JSON objects.

In the short-term, matthiasnoback/naive-serializer was able to help get us running quickly. In the medium-term, we're going to need to maintain a fork with some extra bells and whistles. Long-term we may end up having to create our own custom serializer or use something more robust like JMS Serializer.

Broadcast on April 15th at 9pm UTC


Diving into Prooph

Prooph provides enterprise-ready CQRS and Event Sourcing packages for PHP. In this series, we'll take a look at building an application from scratch using various Prooph components including Prooph Event Store v8.