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Adding OAuth to Astrocasts

An Astrocasts Live Sessions Project

Astrocasts are live broadcasted to three platforms: Twitch, YouTube and Facebook. Ideally, viewers will also create accounts on Astrocasts. Over time, a goal of Astrocasts is to provide more integration with users and how they interact with Astrocasts both via the site directly ( and via any of the platforms we broadcast to.

In order to facilitate this, user accounts should be able to be connected to these third-party services. In addition, the Astrocasts site itself needs to work with the owner's permissions in order to do some housekeeping.

All-in-all, a healthy chunk of work will need to be put into place in order to support OAuth on Astrocasts. This is actually something that is quite common for many SaaS applications, and Beau is likely to need to do similar things in most of his upcoming projects. If you can't get enough of the OAuth dance, or haven't seen it before, this live session project is for you!