Current Projects

Completed Projects

  • Adding OAuth to Astrocasts

    Astrocasts are live broadcasted to three platforms: Twitch, YouTube and Facebook. Ideally, viewers will also create accounts on Astrocasts. Over time, a goal of Astrocasts is to provide more integration with users and how they interact with Astrocasts both via the site directly ( and via any of the platforms we broadcast to.

    In order to facilitate this, user accounts should be able to be connected to these third-party services. In addition, the Astrocasts site itself needs to work with the owner's permissions in order to do some housekeeping.

    All-in-all, a healthy chunk of work will need to be put into place in order to support OAuth on Astrocasts. This is actually something that is quite common for many SaaS applications, and Beau is likely to need to do similar things in most of his upcoming projects. If you can't get enough of the OAuth dance, or haven't seen it before, this live session project is for you!

  • Astrocasts After Dark (2018-12)

    After Dark sessions are similar to the usual Astrocasts Live Sessions with a few differences. The biggest being that they are completely unscheduled. The other major difference is there is a chance the After Dark sessions won't be available on the main site after the fact. Very much, "Beau is coding right now so he might as well stream it." :)

    Be warned you might be dropped into the middle of a project with no context. Or you might watch Beau spend most of his time scratching his head or playing with Sketch. Fun times!

    The After Dark sessions will be grouped by month. This project represents the Astrocasts After Dark sessions for December 2018. Don't expect individual sessions to be related to each other in any way other than they were all recorded during December 2018.


  • Bootstrapping Astrocasts

    The very first episodes of Astrocasts were about bootstrapping the Astrocasts site itself. There wasn't a lot to it back then. Not even a single line of code. Some of the earliest episodes were lost while Beau was working the bugs out in the recording process, but you can see virtually everything from a barebones Symfony Flex + Tailwind CSS skeleton to what you see now.

    Why does this site look this way? How was it built? All these questions, and more, can be found here!

    Dogfooding at its finest, and oh so very meta. Enjoy!

  • Rewriting That Podcast

    For over 4 years, the website for That Podcast with Beau and Dave was a static site using Sculpin. As the original creator of Sculpin, this wasn't a super easy decision for Beau. Still, there were things that both Beau and Dave wanted to do with the site that wasn't easily done with a static site.

    This project's goal was to transition from the old static site to a new Symfony 4 application. Bonus points for not disrupting the podcast players by messing up the GUID or the RSS feed.

    Once the project has transitioned smoothly and at feature parity with the old static site, we'll call this one done. We will, however, be in a good position to start some smaller projects to enhance the site.