Live Sessions

Live Sessions are real-time live screencasts. They occur on a periodic basis and include real-time questions and conversations with viewers who join in the fun by chatting live. The sessions are largely unscripted, involve the barest amount of planning, and are intended to share what it is like to work through new tools, concepts, or libraries and to ship projects.


Upcoming Sessions

Current Projects

Completed Projects

  • Adding OAuth to Astrocasts

    Astrocasts are live broadcasted to three platforms (Twitch, YouTube and Facebook) and we'd like to be able to connect Astrocasts user accounts to these platforms. If you can't get enough of the OAuth dance, or haven't seen it before, this live session project is for you!

  • Astrocasts After Dark (2018-12)

    Similar to the usual Astrocasts Live Session, Astrocasts After Dark sessions are not scheduled in advance, largely unplanned, may focus on code not talked about before (and may never be talked about again) and may not be recorded for future watching. Fun times!

  • Bootstrapping Astrocasts

    The very first episodes of Astrocasts were about bootstrapping the Astrocasts site itself. Not even a single line of code. Why does this site look this way? How was it built? All these questions, and more, can be found here! Dogfooding at its finest, and oh so very meta. Enjoy!